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Lead Generation Packages That Suit You.

These leads are generated through our custom PPC & Social Media campaigns.
  • Lead Generation System Setup
    Audience, Hook / Offer Mapping
  • Landing Page Setup
    Including hosting & management
  • Testing & Optimisation
  • Lead Magnet Setup
  • Real-Time Lead Delivery
  • Account Manager
  • Multiple Campaigns
  • Welcome Email to Leads
  • Lead Management Account
  • Email Nurture
  • Telesales & Re-Engagement
  • Sales Coaching & Training
  • Recommended Ad Spend: £700+
  • Setup Fee
    £1000 Setup Fee ex VAT


£1550 test goes here



How many leads will the system generate per month?

Every business and every niche is different, however during the System setup and testing we will
be able to determine the cost per lead as well as the volume.

Before we begin we will analyse your current Cost Per Lead, Sales Conversion Rate and Life Time Value. This will be used as a benchmark with the Lead Generation System with a view to ensure it generates a profitable Return on Investment.

frequently asked questions

How soon will I receive Leads?

The Lead Generation System will take some time to setup and optimise however typically businesses will see leads within the first 30 days. Once the system has been optimised we’ll be able to determine volume and cost per lead.

Does this work for both B2C and B2B?

Yes it does.

How will I receive the leads?

Leads will be delivered to you by Email in real time & via the lead management system on the growth packages. However if you have an existing CRM we will connect the Lead Generation System to this.

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RKJB Group specialise in high-quality Lead Generation through PPC Marketing, Pre-qualified telephone leads, Social Media, Email Marketing & Creative advertisments.

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